CBD Oil Tinctures: How To Use Them

When we are talking about CBD or cannabidiol, some people might have a bad impression about it. It’s understandable as this famous extract came from a widely cultivated plant called cannabis. The plant also know as marijuana, weeds, hash or whatever modern day slang there is today. For the record, it isn’t as bad and as highly dangerous as drugs like meth or cocaine. But it also delivers the same level of “high” effect.

This once known drug plant has made its way to contemporary medicine for its curative properties. It’s  found to be specially effective in healing some illnesses like seizures. That’s why more CBD products were created to address the healing demands of this hemp. CBD oil, CBD oil tincture, lozenges, edibles, vaporizers and vape pens are some of its additional products. Being one of the pioneer in CBD products, the CBD tincture is probably the most potent alternative to CBD oil.

How To Use The Tincture

Commonly use like the rest of the CBD products, you can actually make your own tincture. If you are in a country that legalizes cannabis plant, well you can start off doing your DIY CBD oil tincture at home. You only need alcohol to heat or decarboxylate it if you want a more potent tincture. However, the heating process is a complicated process. Since during this process it’s highly flammable and if you use different types of alcohol like high-proof Everclear or rum to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant, it could smell aromatic in all parts of your house, and that’s not a good idea.

There are commercial CBD products today that are now made available via the counter. Compared to the DIY tinctures, commercial CBD tinctures use ethanol. Ethanol is the alcohol safe for consumption. Most commercial grade CBD products use Ethanol for extraction until its solvent is removed forming the purest CBD oil. The product is then used in different CBD products.

Common Uses Of CBD Tincture

There are two ways of using the tincture. First is using the tincture sublingually. This is by far, the most effective way as it goes directly to the bloodstream through the blood vessels behind your tongue. The tincture easily disperses the CBD on the tongue.

Second is mixing it in beverage or food.  However, the problem when ingested is that the effect is slower as the CBD takes some time to reach the bloodstream from the stomach.

Is There CBD In THC?

Legalization of Marijuana in the World

The world had experienced a lot of changes and they keep on coming up to this point in our lives. One of the changes that happen lately in some places is the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana has been considered as one of the illegal substances in the world as it makes someone addicted to it. But even though it is addictive, many people are still wanting to use it.

Nowadays, marijuana is considered legal in some places as long as you are going to use it for recreational and medicinal purposes only. There are even places in which you can buy one for yourself and it is legal, so you don’t need to worry if you are going to jail for that or not.

Things to Know About Cannabis

Marijuana is derived from the cannabis plant and this plant contains several substances. One is the CBD or much known as cannabidiol and the other is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. They are different compounds and they are not the same when it comes to the things that it could do to a certain person.

In example, THC can make you high or addicted to it while CBD can’t do that. Our bodies react differently to these substances so you should know which one you are having. But nowadays, CBD-infused products are on the rise and a lot of them are now can be bought in various stores all over the world. You can even get them from the web for a much easier and much more convenient way of availing things.

Since CBD has proven to be not as addictive as its counterpart, many people all over the world have been using CBD products and it has given them plenty of benefits. One of those is that it helps them to gain some weight. It has been useful as well in aiding one’s seizures, nausea, body inflammation, migraine, anxiety, and even depression.

Moreover, these products are sold in the form of liquid, pills, candies, and a lot of other things. So, there is plenty for you to choose from and you can get the one that you want most. If you are looking for one, you can get the one that you prefer the most and you can try it on your own so that you can see what it can do to you and how good its effects are. But be careful as always since you may overdose yourself if you are taking too much.